Artistic History


In 1987 Ralph Magnus, (a competition and whitewater boater since his 12th. year of life), founded the company artistic sportswear. He currently distributes canoe equipment such as boats, paddles, and helmets of several brands in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

In 1990, according to the motto „Just a little bit more“, the production of the first artistic canoe line was launched. It was our goal to create innovative paddle jackets, life vests, and neoprene suits reflecting total optimisation of price/service.

Since 1993 our team has focused on- among other things - the development of Rafting and Canyoning suits for team leaders and event-organizers. We take particular pride in being the first in Europe to use Supratex for total suit protection, making us one of the very top suppliers.

Artistic products are used by many organizers and sales partners worldwide, and many Canyoning-Rescue teams are also equipped by us.

With our new website we invite you to enjoy a glimpse of the current product line, and we’d also like to take a moment to give our sincere thanks to our devoted customers.

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Ralph Magnus
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