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Wurfbeutel 25 Meter

Wurfbeutel 25 Meter

with integrated waist belt
  • innovative throwline system with 25 mtr. line length
  • including waistbelt with buckle for fixation of the throwline
  • the snap buckles of the throwline are compatible with several of our pfd's
  • belt loop with buckle, for fixation on boat or pfd
  • rollable fastening with buckle fixation
  • fast fill with conical bag opening
  • robust bag in ARS 450 D fabric, signal colour and reflection stripes
  • line loop with catchy hose cover
  • floatable, 10mm throwline
  • line breakload 500 KG
  • weight: ca 900 g
Art.-No. Color Size Price Before EUR
0900673 fire unisize 44.90 EUR 69.90 EUR